Soft sculpture research – Ivana Basic

Ivana basic
Ivana basic is a extremely talented Serbian artist living and working in New York. She grew up in war-torn Serbia, so she has seen many disaster and post-war areas since she’s a child.

Our understanding of a “healthy” body is completely ideological. So her works project our socially constructed notion of the disabled body; if we see them as grotesque, it’s only because we have been socialized to perceive deformity as a failure to perform work and thus contribute to a capitalist system.

She mainly works with wax, oil paint, and silicone.

So my concept of this project is based on her idea of peoples perspectives of our society. First, I went around campus to collect answers for my ethnography. The questions I have for people are:

  • Use a word to describe our generation.
  • Use a colour or word to describe our society and why.
  • Do you like tea? (I only asked this because I wanted to include the expire tea bags I have in hand and not to waste materials.)

Most people have very interesting ideas and answers. Here’s some most responds I got from people:

  • Hope, love, unknown, impulsive, technology, fast-paced, different, lost, environmentally conscious…etc
  • Red (crazy, passionate), blue (happy and sad, calm), green (environmentally focus), white (unknown, peace), pink (loved, try to find love), black (dirty, messed up), orange (aggressive but happy), grey (mixed between good and bad)…etc
  • Binders (everything is so separate and feel like paper thin), ping pongs (we’re like them bouncing around doing a bunch of different things), sandwiches (a lot of layers to our society)

Due to limited time, I chose not to include chicken wire into my soft sculpture materials. I chose only binders, ping pongs, sandwiches, images of technology, hot glue and paint to make my sculpture.

The words on the binder are made with hot glue covered in tea. At first I was going to nail the sandwiches onto the binders but then the nails would’ve go through the binders. But now to think about it, it would be perfect because some of Ivana’s works has like huge metal go through the figure. Overall, I this piece is very similar to contemporary art now adays. It sent out the message of what our society is about and how weird looking it is which fits the idea that Ivana is trying to send to people.