Sadie’s Camouflage.

For my camouflage assignment, I was influenced a lot by the craft of the caddisfly larva. This infant insect utilizes elements from its environment to blend in with its surroundings as well as to create a protective shell.

Artists have collaborated with the caddisfly to create jewelry by supplying the bug with a bejewelled  environment from which to build a gilded cloak. The caddisfly looks to its surroundings

drupat-1to create its bodice.

I was also influenced by the great snake caterpillar. This master of disguise has a snake head coming out of its butt to scare off predators. Like the caddisfly, this caterpillar utilizes elements from its environment (i.e., actual snake) to meet the end of survival. The caddisfly uses physical objects for protection while the caterpillar references visual cues from its environment to scare off predators.


For my project I wanted to use the caddisfly concept of collection and the snake caterpillar idea of imitation and intimidation. I created a dress made from organ-like blobs referencing my existence in a human environment. When I wear the dress I look much large
r and more terrifying than I can in my own body. I am multiplied, I am confusing, and I may even disappear in a mass of writhing

bodies. The dress makes me frightening and unsettling, yet it is derived from the human environment I exist in.