camouflage — Liwen

My camouflage project is inspired by the internet censorship in China. Despite the fact that people in mainland China can’t visit over 18000 websites, the censorship also targets on the topics which are “superstitious, pornographic, violence-related, gambling, and other harmful information.” Individual power becomes so small and weak under the extensive regulations, laws and techniques, but people still want to have a voice on social media. They start to use wordplay like emojis and coded words to avoid their posts being deleted. Being invisible in the system then trying to have different voices are the keywords of my camouflage. I made a human-size plinth in visual arts building, which is something would perfectly blend into the background in the gallery place. I drilled a hole on the front so I can observe people walking by and play intimidating music in the plinth. This idea is a mimic of how people criticize certain sensitive phenomenons in China and stay away from trouble.


extensive examples:


speak for the sexual harassment in Beihai University