sense project



The cat’s eyes are like a well-designed camera. The pupil is like the camera’s aperture and shutter, which controls the intensity of light entering the eye. There is a lenticular lens behind the pupil, which is equivalent to the convex lens in the camera lens. It can play a role in focusing. There is a retina at the bottom of the eyeball, which is equivalent to a photographic film. The retina is connected to the optic nerve.The photoreceptor cells are in the retina. The excited impulses stimulated by the light are transmitted through the optic nerve to the brain, thus creating vision.


The range of sound that one can hear is about twenty to twenty thousand hertz, and the cat is between sixty to sixty-five thousand hertz. So, the details of the sound will be clearer. Even the sound of rats walking under the floor, the cat can hear clearly. They are particularly sensitive to high-pitched, high-frequency sounds.  In addition, the cat ears have about twenty more muscles than human, so their hearing is stronger than humans. They can also turn their ears to the direction to capture the sound. However, cats like humans, the older, the hearing will gradually lost.


Seeing & Hearing

I want to imitate the colour that cat can see by using their angle. I tied a mini camera around the neck of my friend’s cat.

Also, I edit the sound of heart beating and high-pitch noise into the video, to imitate the sound that cat can hear but human usually ignored.

Taste (collaborate with Carmen)


We want to imitate the cat eating, which is not using hand. We have six volunteers and split them into two groups. Each group needs to move the cornmeal from a plate to another. The key point is the speed race by not using hand.

Smell (research base)

Cats use their sensitive sense of smell to determine the orientation of food, and distinguish the quality of food. When a cat woos, it can smell the courtship odor emitted by the opposite sex that is a hundred meters away. Then they can follow this odor to communicate with each other. The cat recognizes their baby by smell. The baby cat can also use smell to find their mother’s nipple before they can even open the eyes.

I found this fact is really interesting because using smell to distinguish the others is not the thing that human good at. I want to make an experiment of at least 15 cats with their babies, and separates them as two groups. I want the baby cat go to a room first, and the mother cat can go to the same room after the baby. I want to observe the process of how the mother cat  sniff out the baby.

feeling (research base)

Cats often use their nose to sense the temperature of objects, and with the help of the tongue to distinguish the taste and smell of food. Foot pads are often used to sense the nature, size, shape, and distance of unfamiliar objects.

I want to create a machine that can receive the information of an object by touching it, and send the feedback of the quality  to us.