Camouflage on the road




Those two pictures attract my attention to do the camouflage project. When I did the research, I found out that zebra stripes not for camouflage (scientist confirm). It means breaking up the outline of the zebra to make it less conspicuous, as at the point at which predators can see zebra stripes they will already have heard or smelled the zebra prey. Therefore, I tried a few more signs on the road, for example left/right turn signal and all kinds of signs. From those I choose a bike sign for my project. And when I was choosing the clothing style, cloak was my first choice.




  1. First by choosing a cement floor colour to match.
  2. Make some holes to let the string go through and keep the position the cloak.


3. I choose this specific signs and took a picture.


4. After picture print out, I cut the shape of the bike signs and use the picture to cut another piece on a white shiny fabric.


5. Creating the single yellow line in trapezoid shape.


6. All parts are ready to stick on with glue. (Tried also with single side tape and double side tape, not working ;(


7. Finally, have some decoration of pine needle (also shown on the real picture.)


Final work