5 senses — Liwen





Painting is a blind man’s profession, because the painter does not paint what he sees but what he feels.



how art can be accessible to everyone even for the blind? Inspired by the show Turner: Painting Set Free, I want to explore the kind of message which can be delivered through the surface and be enjoyed by both sighted people and the visually impaired people. Instead of expressing myself by making texture, I want my work to be more straightforward, more literal and more statement. I adapt the idea from the “Off White” bag designs, which strongly claims those bag as sculptures. The braille on the top is word “painting”. I want to make my work universal and statement.


BBC How do visually impaired people enjoy art?



I collaborate the smell with Liz. we are inspired by how mice can easily locate the smell source in a room. By using the yellow light and the fog machine, we want to visualize the spread of the banana smell, which is stronger around the actual objects and getting weaker and less noticeable as people move farther. We basically hang 5 bananas,with both ends cut, in the grey room at different heights to make our projects visually more interesting and invite people to walk in when the smoke is slightly around the bananas to mimic the scent starting to come out of the bananas.



As the summer comes, I’m getting interested in why we feel mosquitoes sound is so close to us. It turns out it is just that most of the house mosquitoes and insects are more active in the later parts of the day. And as it is quiet and calm in the night, their sound seems to have increased manifolds. Also, scientists have discovered that the buzz of mosquitoes is more than just a way to annoy you. It’s actually important to help them find suitable mates.Since female mosquitoes are larger, they flap their wings slower, and males know it. They use the distinctive pitch of the females’ buzz to recognize them.Louis M. Roth, who studied yellow fever mosquitoes for the U.S. Army during World War II, noticed that males ignored females whenever the females were quietly resting, but whenever the females were flying, and therefore buzzing, the males wanted to mate with them.

For this project, I download a 30 mins deep sleep music clip from YouTube and adding subtle 3D mosquito sound to it in Audacity. sometimes the sound effect is quieter and sometimes are more noticeable. I turned the music on when I went to bed. It turns out I can’t fall in sleep as I noticed the buzzing sound and kept tracking the mosquito sound in the music. The whole idea is about how tiny twist in the music can affect our lifestyle.


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I am inspired by the rat vision. The size and number of cones, which detect light, in the rat’s eyes means that while they can discern different colors, they see much of the world as a blur.  Their eyes have an excellent response to brightness.main-qimg-400513e6e8aa8e35664eb729429f715a-c

I want to make a huge installation outside a gallery. It will have a three-meter tall arched LED screen that is connected to the camera, functioning as a huge mirror for the passing pedestrians. However, the live image on the screen is fragmented into geometric shapes with a greenish tone. people get the outlines of a human figure instead of every detail. So it simulates the blurry vision and the color that rats perceive.IMG_3728



From an evolutionary perspective, taste helps us decide what to eat and influences how efficiently we digest these foods. The risks of making poor food selections when foraging not only entail wasted energy and metabolic harm from eating foods of low nutrient and energy content, but also the harmful and potentially lethal ingestion of toxins.

culinary art are designed to induce people to eat by the harmonic colors and presentations. For this project, I want make a lot of shared dishes with delicate display but the ingredient are all pickled in the balsam pear sauce for over 24 hours. All of them will have a strong hint of bitterness and surprise people who thought it must be delicious. the ultimate goal is to reset the boundary between the food and taste.trailmix1