Camouflage Project

I am going to make a wearable sculpture for my camouflage project. I got the inspiration from several insects that camouflage into their own surroundings. The Bug Zoo field trip helped me a lot with choosing what kind of insects that I needed to research about. I researched about insects mainly because I feel the insects with camouflage skills hide better than the animals that have the same skills (except octopus, they are too good).

For example,


Leaf insects mimic the shape, textures like the veins of the leaves, and movements when the wind blows. Their body is made out of dead body cells to create the leaf shape and to hide their main organs and wings underneath it. They live mostly on the tree that matches the color of their body. Leaf insects are the very well-known insects with its awesome camouflage skill.


Kallima inachus, which is also known as the Dead Leaf Butterfly has the almost same shape, color, and textures of dead leaves. When they try to camouflage into the leaves of the trees, they fold their wings to show the underside of the wings which has the color of the dead leaves. It has different and colorful colors on the upper side of the wings and it makes them able to choose whenever they want to blends into the trees. They are attracted to tree sap and mud puddle and they camouflage by folding their wings from birds mostly.


Phasmids, which is also well known as Stick insect, is the one that I got the inspiration to do further research on other camouflage insects. It was the first time for me to see these insects in real life when we all went to the Bug Zoon downtown and the experience was awesome. They have the perfect shape of body and legs to mimic the branches of trees. In my opinion, Stick Insects are the best at camouflaging. The sizes of them vary from very small to 22.3 inches.


Euthalia Aconthea Caterpillar, which is Baron Caterpillar has the white stripe in the middle of its body and hairs spreading all direction. It mimics the color and the veins of the leaves. After it finishes its caterpillar life, it turns into a baron butterfly but they look totally different and it loses the skill of camouflage.

The insects that I had research on have the camouflage skills that let them blends into their surroundings. I implied this idea to my camouflage project. It leads to my original idea which is being a pile of garbage. Rather than copying the specific camouflage skill from an insect (for example, being a leaf or a branch), I implied the idea that blending to the surroundings into my own circumstance. I started to make the surrounding first which is the pile of garbage bags and also started to make the costume that I was going to wear out of black garbage bags.


After the first group critique, I got the comment that I should think more about the actual space where we are going to present our projects. I started to look around the Visual Art Building and I realized that There used to be a pile of free things at the free store in the kitchen area. This leads to my final plan which is being part of the surroundings rather than blending into the surrounding. I decided to make a costume that it cannot be awkward in the free store area.



I got a bunch of old clothes and connect all of them together to make it wearable (more like put it on as a clothes blanket). My presenting area is set as the free store in the kitchen area and I am thinking about sitting in a box with the costume on to mimic the pile of clothes in a box.