5 Senses assignement


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I enjoyed listening to the radio lab about colors that was assigned to us. It was very interesting how there are people who perceive the world differently from other people even though we are all same species.  Then I thought about it and I realized that every single human being sees the world differently. I decided to do the sight project within the same species, not from other species.

I planned to do this sight project from the point of people who do not have sight. How they read and understand what other people see is by braille language. Braille gives different textures of words for blinds to understand and read. I am going to do a painting that is full with this braille language but nothing else (even colors). I am interested in how people who have the ability to see understand a painting that does not have anything but textures with full of information, how people feel about how blinds understand the world differently than them and how viewers appreciate this white blank painting with textures as an artwork.



For the taste project, I got inspiration from how mosquitos drink blood from a lot of different kinds of animals. My original idea was to make three to five blood packs that represent each different types of blood and edible as well. I know there are some different cultures that drink or eat blood in their food but I wanted to let people experience drinking the blood-like liquid out of blood packs so they can know this liquid is meant to be blood.

I had some research to get some materials to make this project happen but there are already fake blood packs for Holloween and  I did not want to make a project that gives you the feeling of Halloween or a Dracula. I changed it to do paintings that express the taste of blood. I painted the texture of square in the middle to express the physicalness of blood and the different tones of red to express the taste.




Hear project is going to be a thought experiment. I got the inspiration from how bats can avoid obstacle from their echoes bouncing back at them which refers to echolocaiton. Here is a video about ‘Echolocation’

The first idea for this project was to build a room but I upgraded to a maze. The project is going to be a maze where it’s pitch dark. The participants will be wearing a device that warns when they get closer to the wall. The sound will go higher or louder when they get closer. The task is to escape the maze only with the sound. I decided to add the device because humans can not listen to their echo back from the walls well.




I was interested in how other animals can more sensitive sense to smell things. For example, a human has 5 million Olfactory Receptor Cells that detect the smell but a dog has 300 million of them. It makes dogs very sensitive at smelling things and they can smell much broader kinds of smells. Here is a video clip about how dogs smell.

I wanted to imply this idea of other species can smell things that human can’t or can’t distinguish from a similar smell to my smell sense project and experiment the boundary of human beings’ sense of smell limit.  I want to make a bunch (15 to 20) of sprays that have the odors that human beings cannot really tell what it is. For example, like the perfume that smells like a new product of Apple company. Here is an article about the perfume.


This is going to be a project that needs some participants to smell and get the answer of the object or something. I think this project can be really interesting to people but the amount of budget is going to be a challenge. So I wanted to make this project as one of my thought experiments.


There are a lot of animals that have much more sensitive sense of touch to communicate and to explore the environment.

Star-nosed mole has very sensitive organ at the front of their face. It has twenty-two pinky small fingers to touch the surrounding and to feel the vibration to know where they are going and also to feel that there are any predators around. Image result for Star-nosed mole

There is the video to show how they use the receptors and how it works.


Human beings also have sensitive hands and fingers to feel the textures and the temperatures of things. We can also refer to the sight project that I did that how people cannot see have more sensitive touch on their fingertips to read braille.

I want to use this idea that how we can develop our sense on our fingers with putting more effort to concentrate on our touch. This project is going to be a collaborative exercise with people.  They are going to be grouped with three people and one of them will blindfold their sights to concentrate on the touch of their fingertips and hands. The person with the blindfold will touch other person’s face to determine who the person is.  He/she has to focus on their touch to maximize the sense of touch as well as focus on how the person looks like. people will take turns.