Max Streicher by Elena

Max Streicher, known for his inflatable installations, is a sculptor from Alberta and now situated in Toronto. His works are playful, and uncover themes that appear to have conjured from a child’s fantasy, with giant unicorns, flying figures, and sleeping giants. The sculptures are interactive, and the larger works require an electric blower to continuously power them to their full state during exhibitions. The inflatables provide Streicher to additionally create a series of photograms from his work, and also produce an experience of sculpture by taking videos of his famous works inflate and interact with its environment.

While my soft sculpture is made up of completely different mediums and interacts with space differently, the playful and almost comedic subject matter is something I can relate to in my own artwork. I enjoy to incorporate themes about childhood through whimsical structures, and Streicher’s installations similarly have a captivating playfulness that simultaneously entertains the viewer and achieves at capturing a deeper understanding of the concepts derived from the work itself.

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