Aiko Hachisuka by Sara H

Aiko Hachisuka was born in 1974 in Nagoya Japan and lives and works in Los Angeles.

She turns found clothing and fabric into soft sculptures. Hackisuka sews them together and stuffs them with foam, creating forms that are abstract and faintly reminiscent to the human body. She has used materials found at yard sales, families clothes, and her own worn clothes. Her cylinder shaped soft sculptures have the bottom part of the base showing becoming an active part in the work, acting as a ground for the clothing to be built on and acting as a backdrop for the elements that float in space. Hachisuka also varies with her use of platforms. Some of the work is freestanding, standing in the same space of the viewer, others have platforms to relate to the floor or have the exposed under structure. Her play with the idea of top and bottom are also seen in her monotypes.

She also works with printmaking in her practise, where she folds and silkscreens the clothing with a single colour before including it in the larger work.


Sugar Mates, 2013. Silkscreen on clothing and foam.


Untitled, 2015. Monoprint. 30 x 22 inches.





Couch, 2011. Custom made sofa, clothes, polly filling. 36 x 108 x 48 inches. 

Her work Couch is made of clothes that were all bought from the same family at a yard sale.