Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs describes his practice as a “bricoleur” – a person “who hobbles together functional contraptions out of already given or collected materials, which he re-tools and re-signifies into new objects with novel uses, but more importantly, which he regenerates into a new, oscillating syntax: one of loss, gain, and more than anything, one of play.”

“Unité”, 2001 by Tom Sachs – a model of Le Corbusier’s Unité d’habitation 

John Kilduff

John Kilduff – Kilduff Motor’s – the only cardboard car dealership!!

Art Basel LA – in Kilduf’s backyard!


Cardboard Furniture:

“Wiggle Chair”, Frank Gehry, 1972.


Working in groups of 2-3, find a “hand tool”, take accurate measurements of the tool and recreate it as accurately as possible out of cardboard at 1/4 scale. Each member of the group must make the recreate the same hand tool.

Students will have 20 minutes to complete the assignment.

The aim of this quick assignment is to familiarize yourself with the possibilities and potentials of cardboard as a medium and to pay attention to measurements.