Women in Propaganda Posters

Women have often been utilized with in propaganda, they have been the targets of campaigns, as well as used symbols for freedom and nationalism  and much more. They were often depicted in such imagery in times of upheaval. Though print has changed from the past when propaganda print was more present, propaganda and upheaval are still just as prevalent.

World War I

Women were shown as symbols of the national spirit. propaganda1

Women were also depicted as something that needed protecting and saving, that is you did not protect your country you were not protected the women of that country.



They were also used as manipulations. your daughters and wives want you to serve and if you do not then you are not worthy of their affections.

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The Suffragettes were women seeking the right to vote. Although they had their own images in print supporting their cause. article-2236694-162714AD000005DC-139_634x862

There were many propaganda posters, post cards, news paper graphics that were against them. About 4500 different designs were published in between 1893-1918.


Some of them depicted complete gender role reversals if women had the chance to vote… which of course is the worst thing that can possibly happen …



My poster will try and explore women now in a propaganda context

What would women propaganda posters look like today if print was treated in the same way as it was back then? what are the pressing issues of today and how are women involved?