riso – poster research – claudia rick – russia and carpets

when i was in new york over reading week i visited the moma and saw some amazing posters

Gustav Klutsis Postcard for the All Union Spartakiada Sporting Event 1928


Gustav Klutsis Rabotnitsa anglee 1929


Gustav Klutsis, Sergei Senkin First of May – Day of the International Proletarian Solidarity 1930

 .jpg Aleksandr Rodchenko Rechevik. Stikhi 1929


i like the graphic style and the colour simplicity and the use of the paper colour

i especially like the cut and paste quality

i like the way that pictures become very texturized as the breakdown of quality increases and subjects  become ambiguous

i am also slightly obsessed with carpets at the moment and i am going to combine these themes

in this the carpet image is broken down and my plan is to bring it back with similar techniques to imply a different subject