I chose to restrict myself to one colour for this project. In deciding this it made my choice of colour integral to the message the poster would deliver. My relationship with the colour pink has always been a complicated one. These past 3 years I have embraced the colour in my practice having discovered the joys of pink in 2015 for my piece “sequin showers”. Reluctantly using the colour for the sculpture opened the door to allowing myself to relate the more feminine side of my art practice. Having struggled against the delicate and subtle works I was ‘accidentally’ making before I decided to run with the aesthetic my practice was moving towards. In embracing this pink became a powerful tool for me. Femininity was a sign of weakness for me growing up as a child but in adulthood I discovered the power behind embracing aspects of ones ‘othered’ identity. After four years of struggling with how to present myself as a pansexual woman by allowing myself to use pink I felt like I was embracing my queer identity.

I am currently exploring how I will translate this narrative into the poster/zine. I like the format followed by Theory of a Young Girl which is small snippets of text jumping from topic to topic. Or there is the option of a short essay, article, story which is the more traditional route.

My research was mainly based in zines. Both offer their own background with print culture and I plan to dive deeper into zine and poster culture in the actual building of my design.

ig: Polyester Zine 

.com:Polyester Zine

ig: The Coven 

tmblr: The Coven 

Chris Ironside 

^ for text inspiration


ud_130918_zine.jpg ^

I want to print on all sides of the paper so that certain passages are hidden when the zine is made but exposed when it exists as a poster.

What I’m Reading…



Theory of the Young-Girl 


“The unquestionable character of her power, all of the crushing assurance of this flattened being, woven exclusively by conventions, codes, and representations fleetingly in effect, all the authority that the least of her gestures incarnates, all of this is immediately indexed to her absolute transparency to “society”.

Precisely because of her nothingness, each of her judgements carries the imperative weight of the entire social order, and she knows it.”

p.g.18 Preliminary Materials For a Theory of the Young-Girl (Tiqqun)

Literary Theory A Guide for the Perplexed 

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To read…

Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble