Assignment: Poster Multiple

Assignment: create a Risograph poster multiple that is publicly installed/distributed

Research blog post: Monday 6 March – write a blog post that responds to your research, include short written description + visual content (images/video), we will discuss your posts in-class

Deadline to order posters through Vide Press*: Monday 13 March

Final works documented on blog for critique: Monday 3 April

GOAL: design, print, distribute

  • You will work individually
  • Your posters may be 100% graphic, 100% text, or a mix of both
  • There are no limits or constraints as to subject matter
  • You must consider how, why, + where your posters are distributed  (our final critique will focus on the success of poster/installation relationship)
  • Your course fee will cover 50, 1 colour posters, if you wish to use more than one colour, print a larger run, or produce a double sided print please refer to Vide Press’ website for pricing. If you have further questions let me know and I will email them.


Further Reading:

Over the next week skim through “Off the Wall: PSYCHEDELIC ROCK POSTERS FROM SAN FRANCISCO“. It offers wonderful examples of 1960s poster design and its intro essay has a nice overview of the historical relevance of the medium.

Research Suggestions

  • French political caricatures of the 19th century (think Honoré-Victorin Daumier)
  • 1920s Art Deco posters
  • Soviet / Chinese propagandist posters
  • 1960s Situationist posters
  • 1960s Psychedelic posters
  • 1970s/80s Punk posters


* File preparation guidlines:

With each colour layer saved as a separate file. To print solid colours, artwork should be set to registration black / rich black (100% cmyk). This is especially key for fine text, otherwise text will appear pixelated. Name each file with the colour you’d like it printed in. For books, multiples and double sided prints, include sequence numbers too. If you are creating artwork with overlaid colours, indicate which layer you’d like printed first (A for first, B for second etc) Please supply lo-res digital proofs for all artwork as they act as a guide. Pdf/jpg format are best.