Hazel Meyer


Hazel Meyer is an interdisciplinary artist who works mainly through her experiences of feminism, athleticism, the body, and the absurd. She executes her work by using play, language and repetition.

Meyer has received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University and her Masters of Fine Arts from OCAD.



In a 2015 show at the Maclaren Art Centre, Meyer installed and performed “Muscle Panic” which depicts a locker room style setup that confronts queer actions in the realm of athletics and specific traditions. The space serves as a familiar place for a team to share moments, strategies and spirit. Accompanied by a handbook written by Meyer’s parter Cait McKinney that holds drawings and text relating to queer, feminine experiences in sports.



This screenshot from Meyer’s accompanied performance depicts the girls mid basketball practice that occurred opening night of Meyer’s ‘Muscle Panic’ show. Beforehand the 5 participants in matching uniforms went on a 5k jog around the city’s waterfront and jogged right onto the gallery’s courtyard which included Meyer’s 14 ft. basketball hoop that references the sport of basketball with a pink triangle representing Meyer as a queer artist. The performance consisted of an acted basketball practice with drills, stretching, sweating, reading historic text, as well as touch.


05 HMeyer2013IntestinalAnarchy.jpg

This large scale installation joins Meyer’s ongoing struggle with Chron’s disease as well as her passion for athleticism and specifically basketball. The installation is created through handmaid jerseys hanging with the same pink triangle of intestines on the front and specific numbers and names on the back. The complimented walls are hand drawings of Meyer’s that depict pink intestines. Her work speaks specifically to her as a person which then translates into her artistic approach.