Joanie 4 Jackie

From Miranda July’s IG:

When I was twenty-one I started an underground network for women and girls making movies. For more than ten years women sent their movies to Joanie 4 Jackie (aka Big Miss Moviola) and received a “Chainletter” tape in return — their movie compiled with nine others. In a pre-YouTube world, this was one way we could see each other’s work and know we weren’t alone. I also toured the country screening the movies and meeting audiences of challenging, brilliant women. It is not an overstatement to say that everything I have ever made has been with these artists and audiences in mind. We granted each other a powerful space that I have kept my heart in and built upon, often in the face insidious, dispiriting mysogyny.
Today The Getty Research Institute announced the acquisition of the complete Joanie 4 Jackie archives. Twenty-seven boxes of tapes, posters, letters, embarrassing notes, to do lists, and grandiose plans that will be made available to researchers and preserved for all time in a feminist and queer context, alongside the archives of artists such as Yvonne Rainer, Robert Mapplethorpe and Carolee Schneeman. I am tremendously grateful to Glenn Phillips (curator and head of modern & contemporary collections at The Getty Research Institute) for his understanding and conservation of radical American histories.
I am also excited to announce that launched this morning — this site guides you through the materials and the story of the project. I made it with Yuri Ono, Matt Wright, Astria Suparak, Vanessa Haroutunian, Jaqueline Goss and the students of the Joanie 4 Jackie Tutorial at Bard College. A labor of love; it took us seven years. ❤❤❤At I walk you through some of my favorites from the archive.