Sandwich Artists

Every two weeks Jaimie and Grace will be serving up sandwiches that have been featured in Men’s Health article “25 Gourmet Sandwiches for Guys” from 2015. They will use the platform of Instagram as the social media component to advertise the sandwiches in a limited edition ahead of creation. They will buy the components and make the sandwiches in our studio space where people can pick them up.

We will be serving the sandwiches for a profit that will go towards supplies for the future sandwich event. The sandwiches will be in a limited edition series of 10, each titled Untitled (1) to correspond with the list provided in Men’s Health. The sandwiches will be provided at lunch hour every second Friday for the remainder of the semester. It is not a delivery service.

This is situated in an experimental event and involves relational aesthetics while critiquing the sandwiches advertised as being “for men”. This is also in line with artists who have worked with food and providing a good/service to participants such as Conflict Kitchen, Free Lunch by Life of a Craphead, and Basil AlZeri’s “Mobile Kitchen Lab”.