Artist Tinder

App to find artists close to you

The purpose of this app is to match artists with other likeminded artists close to them. Using images of their work, and descriptions of their practice participants will either brush right or left to match, similar to many dating apps. If the two participants have matched the app with open communication between the two to discus possible collaborations, projects, business or personal relationships.

It would mainly exist virtually as an app, IOS and android. There will be a website explaining the objectives of this project.

The idea behind this project is that there are many apps for matching people but not in the art community. The app is open to anyone that is interested in participating in creative projects and seeking likeminded individuals. Making connections with in the art world can often be challenging, this is a tool to introduce artist to people they might not otherwise encounter. Galleries can also have their own account and match with artists they would like to work with. It also eliminated to constraints of traveling to art events and encourages more discussion between artists even if not physically present with one another.

The app will be created using online app building software. Whichever one is most economical. The end goal is to have an actually working version of the app depending on the cost of app building services. Crowd funding is a potential, once again depending on costs.

Potential services: